Tusaalanga iOS app

This app was developed by the Pirurvik Centre as part of its Inuktitut language education programs. The core content is based on the www.tusaalanga.ca website.

Version 1.0 Features:

  • 5 Nunavut Inuktut dialects
  • over a thousand glossary words per dialect with audio
  • theme based dialogues with audio
  • grammar lessons
  • a personal glossary feature to record your own terms


-- Credits ---

Development and production work on the application was completed by the Pirurvik Centre and Artscii of Victoria, BC. Additional support and production of this website was provided by Web Networks (www.web.net).

Funding for this project was provided by the Government of Nunavut's Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth.

The Pirurvik Centre would like to thank and acknowledge the following people for their contributions to this project:

Daniel Nevin, Artscii
Derek Hilder, Chuckles'n'Spice Software
Max Licht, Max Licht Illustration
Peter Brand and Shaylene Boechler, First Voices
Web Networks

Inuktitut dialect text and audio provided by:

Karliin Aariak, Lazarus Arreak (North Qikiqtaaluk)
Ooleepika Ikkidluak, Kowisa Arlooktoo (South Qikiqtaaluk)
Mark Kalluak, Vinnie Karetak, Karen Angalik (Paalirmiut)
Gwen Ohokak. James Panioyak (Inuinnaqtun)
Attima Hadlari, Nilaulaaq Aglukkaq, Janet Tamalik McGrath (Natilingmiut)

Additional audio and text provided by: Jeela Palluq and Myna Ishulutak

Pirurvik would like to offer special thanks to the youth delegation of the 2010 Nunavut Language Summit. They provided the impetus for the application creation. We hope it can help inspire you in your language learning.