Grammar » 45 » Asking for something to be done

There are a few ways to ask someone to do something.

1. The Affix -junnaq- / -gunnaq- / -runnaq-

This common affix is used to express the idea of being able to do something. It changes depending on the last letter of the root that it is added to:

uqaala- to call
Piitamut uqaalajunnaqqit? Can you call Piita?
tiiliuq- to make tea
Tiiliurunnaqqit? Could you make some tea?

2. The Affix -qu

-qu- is an affix used to express the idea of wanting, asking or telling someone else to do something.  It is folllowed by a transitive verb ending.

aniqujanga He/she asks him/her to leave.
isiquguk Tell him/her to come in.
uqaalaquviuk? Do you want him/her to call you?

...or, a little more complex:

Uvannut uqaalaqujunnaqqiuk?
Can you have him/her call me?

When -qu- is added to a stem that ends in a consonant, it deletes the final consonant:

sinik- to sleep
siniquvagit I want you to sleep