Grammar » 17 » The Plural

In Inuktut, the plural is used to talk about more than two of any noun:
inuk person
inuit  people (3+)

The plural form always ends in -t. Depending on the speaker, the plural ending used may be -it or just -t:

ilisaiji teacher
ilisaijit / ilisaijit teachers (3+)
itsivautaq chair
itsivauta/ itsivautait chairs (3+)
iqaluk fish
iqalu/ iqaluit fish (3+)

In nouns where the last vowel sound is a long vowel or a double vowel, the plural is formed by replacing the last consonant sound (if there is one) with -t:

uqaaluutiralaaq cell phone
uqaaluutiralaat cell phones (3+)
umiaq boat
umiat boats (3+)


With nouns that end in -t, the ending -it or -iit is added directly to the end of the word to form the plural:

angut man
angutit / angutiit men (3+)
uqaalaut phone
uqaalautit / uqaalautiit phones (3+)
titiraut pen
titirautit / titirautiit pens (3+)